Opinion in Support of Tom Torlakson for CA Superintendent

See Rebecca's support for Superintendent of California Schools Tom Torlakson  here.  In the meanwhile, an excerpt:

Providing a free public education to every child in this country is one of our nation’s most noble and audacious ideals. Our public schools serve as a testament to that ideal and must continue to exist and operate as a common good we bestow upon all of our children.

K-12 education is not a commodity or a consumer good to be bought and sold. Public schools are not ours to be privatized or given away to the highest bidder. The gift of education is for all of us. It strengthens our nation and knits together our values so strongly they can never be torn apart.  It fuels our growth, it prepares us for the future, and it protects us in a time of need. We deserve a state superintendent who knows this, who believes this in his heart, and who does the unending work of protecting it for the ages. Torlakson is that man.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/05/11/6387361/another-view-torlakson-devoted.html#storylink=cpy