5 Things I've Learned


Meet people where they’re at.

I have clarity about what I must do in the classroom. I know my subject matter, the standards for learning, and what achievement levels I’m obligated to help my students attain. To do that well, though, I also have a responsibility to find out where my students are academically, what they love personally, and where they see themselves eventually. When I take that walk toward my students, I greet them right where they are. I show them that I, too, am a constant learner and my most important subject at that moment is them. I reach out a hand and ask them to come with me from where they stand today to where I know they are capable of going tomorrow. This is the ultimate act of respect a teacher can show a student. They matter. What they know now is relevant. What you love, I too will love. Let’s go together and work toward the next best version of you.

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